O Sensei Teaches Ikkyo

While browsing thru a book said to be O Sensei’s first published book on Aikido technique, Aikido Rensho (1934) I came across a drawing illustrating Shomenuchi Ikkyo. While reading the description it became clear that O Sensei was instructing nage (called “shi” by the translator) to initiate the strike. Yes, nage strikes first. This historical…

Aikido Jo Kata – 18 count

Keep in mind the haiku of the humble instructor:

Eighteen count kata,

Whirling, thrusting limbs of trees,

Better than me please.

Jo kata taught by Tohei Akira Shihan demonstrated in slow motion by Cyril Landise at Old Town Aikido, Chicago.

Shown in slow motion for the purpose of study of the movements only, form and feeling are only available through personal practice.

Aikido for Recovering Engineers

O Sensei, Morehei Ueshiba, Aikido founder, is said to have referred to four levels of development in students of Aikido. These levels are translated as: Power Technique Harmony Michi, the way, or path to life The description of these levels of O Sensei was explained in a book called Michi no¬†shiori¬†(“The Guidebook to the Way”…

Take soft Ukemi

Typhoon wind to gentle breeze

Better than me, please

Aikido and Dualism

There are only two kinds of people in the world: those who believe in dualism, and those who don’t. Dualism is everywhere, and if you doubt it for a minute, play word association with the person sitting across from you right now. Just say to them, “Tell me the first word that comes into your mind…